Purpose-Driven, for God's Glory

Our faith-focused programs are intentionally designed to teach about God's love, His purpose for our lives, and how to live as followers of Jesus Christ. We take faith-formation out of the classroom, out-of-your-seat and engage participants in focusing on matters of faith.

Jesus chose His twelve. Our small team sizes are small groups too. We like groups of 8-12 working independently with one of our facilitators who guides the group through a carefully selected sequence of activities. Our staff works with all Christian denominations. We conduct a needs assessment prior to booking to ensure everyone's spiritual and theological expectations are clear.

Our faith-based programs utilize low-element team challenges. We can bring our portable program to your church or location and set-up indoors or outside. If you choose to come to our site at Pecometh, we open the choice to use the high elements (high ropes) for a portion of the afternoon program. High ropes is a great opportunity to teach goal setting and authentic support reinforced with Christian compassion.

One-Day Catholic Confirmation Retreats

We know that many DREs and Confirmation Catechists wrestle with providing Confirmation Retreats due to resources, time, funding, sports schedules, etc. We've been hearing this for years and we've designed a solution that may work for your church.