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Tired of searching for a meaningful training solution?

  • We save you time because we use accelerated learning strategies…

  • We help save you money because we are a local company

  • We reduce your risk of swinging and missing, because we have over 25 years experience in the experiential training industry…

Both individuals and teams benefit from re-calibrating key skill-sets around people skills.

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Our Why…

People matter most. Valuing functional relationships and teaching how to interact with intention are foundational, in developing the social and emotional health of an organization.

Our What…

We specialize in providing dynamic training that focuses on people skills: intra-personal and interpersonal skills, self-regulation, compassion and intentional mindfulness that helps create a positive learning or work environment.

Our How…

  • We custom-design training events to your specific needs.

  • We facilitate highly interactive programs that get people up and out of their seats to promote learning, practice and application.

  • We integrate experiential techniques and visual processing to boost retention.

  • We utilize the power of group process as a training framework for efficient transfer back to the classroom, boardroom or workplace.

Here’s what our training programs look like.


Improving Team Skills

Out-of-your-seat activities get people moving and interacting which strengthens the learning process. Teams deepen relationships, increase perception and practice crucial skills like communicating, problem-solving and building authentic support for the good of the organization.


Professional Development

We custom-tailor training, retreats, and workshops, for businesses, faculty, executive leadership teams, large and small scale organizations, or any group that need an accelerated learning experience. We assess your training needs, create a plan, and deliver on the results.


Special Projects

Serving you as a consultant, designer,  or facilitator can help relieve your time and cash burden. Challenge Applications can assist you with strategic planning, thought leadership or professional coaching and offer a fresh perspective on  turning obstacles into opportunities.

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