One-Day Confirmation Retreat Program

Confirmation retreats can be one of the most rewarding experiences for young Catholics.

We are the Delmarva regional leader for providing one-day, high quality Catholic Confirmation retreats.

I really enjoyed it and my candidate did too. It’s a day that will be in my memory for a long time. I enjoyed how the activities we did related to our beliefs and really brought light to a couple of things that I need to work on as a Catholic.
— Confirmation Sponsor


Philosophically, we wish candidates and parents could spend three days and two nights away in an elegantly rustic retreat setting, but the burden of time and money seem to limit the majority of our clients these days. We have adjusted to this dilemma by utilizing the power of “experiential education” as a framework for dynamic catechesis.


Our one-day Confirmation retreats combine experiential activities (activity-based program reinforced by intentional processing) that are structured around our Catholic identity (that is rooted in faith, supported by our traditions and infused by the Holy Spirit). After groups complete the morning and afternoon sessions of activities, the program concludes with a short prayer service and debriefing time.  

We expect everyone to participate in the activities. These short “team-building” challenges require groups to communicate, collaborate and problem-solve in order to move to the next level of the retreat. Don’t worry, there is success at every level. Activities are somewhat physical in nature, but more so they challenge our thinking as 21st century Catholics. Teams must think and behave as Christ in order to complete the task.


8:45am    Group arrives

9:00am    Program begins with large group introductions and tone-setters

9:30am    Small groups move through four activity stations

11:45am  Lunch

12:30pm  Large group reconvenes with a warm-up

1:00pm    Small groups move through two-to-four activity stations

3:30pm    Combined closing prayer service and debrief session

4:00pm    Group departs


Each program is truly custom-tailored to your classes' logistical needs. On the low end, the cost begins at $40 per person. Factors that effect the cost are: additional food, travel to your site, or travel to our site, add-on activities like high ropes, special rental fees for certain requested locations, etc. The average cost since 2010 has come in at $50 per person. The Knights of Columbus have sponsored many of our programs both monetarily and logistically. Hopefully you have a relationship with groups at your church who can support your efforts. We are all appreciative of the various donors and contributors to the success of our Confirmation retreats over the years.

Overall I was really pleased! I took a late train into Delaware from NYC for the retreat. Admittedly, I grumbled a bit on my way there, but the entire event was well worth my time and provided a lot of value to me as a sponsor and to my brother as a candidate. Thanks!
— Confirmation Sponsor