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1. Emotional safety is seldom an issue on a Challenge Course.
2. A Challenge Course Manager is required for each course by the ACCT standards.
3. Simple medical screening is a good tool to make Participants conscious of health concerns and limitations.
4. Programs should be based on the skills and expertise of available staff.
5. To guarantee coverage and avoid exclusions, a Challenge Course program needs insurance coverage that specifically includes / states Challenge Course operations on the policy.
6. Meetings with staff to discuss changes in safety practice do not need to be documented.
7. Programs are required to have a written post use inspection form.
8. Only formally trained staff should be allowed to facilitate a group on their own on a Challenge Course.
9. Zip line staff need only observed the lines before participants ride on the lines.
10. Job descriptions and minimum training requirements documents should be part of program documents.
11. There is no standards addressing clear activity corridors.
12. When asked if anyone has ever died on a Challenge Course element, it is best to say no to avoid unnecessary concern during the program.
13. Nothing in the program is worth an injury.
14. A qualified practitioner should be able to conduct any element they have never seen before.
15. Critical maintenance items discovered in a monthly or daily inspection can be addressed without documentation.
16. Bathrooms, hand washing and clean equipment are a nice perk but most Challenge Courses can operate effectively without them.
17. Risk Management plans should be revised regularly.
18. It is not important to record every close call or injury as long as the Participant is taken care of.
19. All instructors should be provided with a detailed operations and safety manual specifically designed for the course.
20. It is important for staff who facilitate on different courses on a regular basis to review site specific procedures for your course before any program.
21. Federal employment laws do not apply on Challenge Course sites and staff can usually be paid as “consultants” and contractors.
21. Federal employment laws do not apply on Challenge Course sites and staff can usually be paid as “consultants” and contractors.
22. Only facilitators who have been formally evaluated for their Challenge Course expertise should be allowed to lead a group.
23. There is no reason to follow the recommendations of the OEM in terms of number of participants, capacity and maintenance.
24. Multiple RADIO.