Transcending S.T.E.M.

Looking for STEM in All the Right Places: Physics, Math and Engineering in the Field, Forest, and Wetlands

Learning mechanical advantage can be a little "heady" for some students. Attach them to a harness, clip in a carabiner, don helmets and suddenly they "feel the forces" connected with the concepts of physics, mathematics and engineering.

Using simple technologies, mathematical principles, language arts and social studies, students are immersed in our programs through meaningful outdoor experiences that support larger ideals like "No Child Left Inside!" 

This one-day program exposes students to the interconnectedness of ecosystems and the humans that can impact their health. Teachers should contact us to specify curricular content that we can enhance. We can lend assistance with: 

  • Technology, Physics, Engineering and Math: pulleys, forces, vectors, fall factors, friction, kinetic energy on zip lines, G-forces on our Giant Swing, counter-balance, field models that matter, etc.
  • Technology, Math, and Forestry: measuring trees, board feet, economics of wood, transportation issues on the water vs overland, forest health, over-harvest, forest management, invasive species (flora and fauna), bio-diversity, etc.
  • Engineering! building challenges that teach teamwork, communication, collaboration and solution-finding. Real scientist in the field!