Train-the-Trainer (T3)

Insights, Tips and Tools for In-House Trainers

This 20 hour training uses a blended instructional model to maximize content delivery. Participants experience first-hand the power of this model and how to adapt it to their in-house training program. 

At the heart of our Train-the-Trainer philosophy is the notion: just because you know how to tie a bowline-on-a-bite doesn't guarantee you can effectively teach others how to tie a bowline-on-a-bite! 

Our course introduces learning theory and myths to help participants determine the best methods used to teach adults the various components of challenge course operations. Teaching knots, harnesses, climbing, spotting and processing is only one example of how to train. We introduce the Total Planning Process ™ for preparing in-house training designs. This tool is useful for new CCMs who need to quickly craft a training plan for incoming staff; it is useful for experienced in-house trainers as well since it helps fill the gaps and increase training effectiveness by critically reviewing existing systems. 

Additionally, what educator doesn't want to know the latest trends in improving instruction? If you are motivated to improve your training, this course is a great starting point. 


  • 21 years of age or older
  • practitioner portfolio documenting all challenge course training
  • practitioner portfolio documenting at least 200 program hours facilitating on challenge courses


  • Extensive experience as a practitioner on a challenge course, aerial adventure course, canopy tour, climbing/rock wall, team building program or other comparable endeavors.
  • Site visits or work at other courses to gain knowledge of other operational procedures and systems.

Course Content

  • Using inventories, rubrics, and assessments
  • Implementing effective technology strategies to accelerate teaching and learning
  • Study adult learning theory to avoid common pitfalls that uninformed trainers use
  • Discover the real connections between verbal content, visual presentation, hands-on learning, and deeply infusing multiple intelligence theory into your training so that you keep them engaged
  • Learn the essential tenants of emotional and social intelligences to increase awareness of delivery of content and receptivity by your audience
  • Experience the power of using adult collaborative learning activities to bolster understanding 
  • Learn 20 must-have tips that will transform your current training with minimal effort



Meals & Lodging

additional charges depending on training location (call for details)