Professional Team-building

You already know that people are your most valuable asset.

Healthy organizations value each person regardless of his or her duties. Investing in people, that is developing their skills and experiences, provides great benefit across the boards. Never assume people are finished learning. Remember, you can’t just download this stuff!

Team Performance Model 1 CA.jpg

Our Tools & Strategies...

  • Visually enhanced, group process method

  • CA Authentic Support Model™

  • CA Applied Emotional Intelligence Model™

  • DISC Workplace Behaviors Profile™

  • Five Functional Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

  • 3 "C" Model - Communicate, Collaborate, Commit™

We provide...

  • Professionally trained facilitators who build teams

  • An emotionally safe environment to learn concepts

  • A proven framework for practicing team skills

  • Experientially accelerated learning modules

  • Options for follow-up coaching and refresher training

  • Custom-tailored consultation to match your needs