Process Consulting

If talk is cheap, then visual processing can be a gold-mine for successful organizational growth.

Process consulting is a purposefully guided flow that helps your thoughts, concepts, and issues graphically come alive.

Sketching images and "working on the wall" uses the power of visualization to both support dialogue and catalyze new, holistic thinking to capture change steps.

Process Consulting.jpg

We provide…

  • Experienced facilitators who guide the process

  • Help with developing business and human processes

  • A proven framework for organizational growth

  • A dynamic process for thinking and doing

  • Opportunities for you to lead the change process

  • Custom-tailored consulting that matches your needs

Our Tools & Strategies

  • Discovery retreats and experiential activities

  • Graphic recording and visual facilitation

  • Integrated Flow Theory and Processes

  • Holistic approach for projects, not death by PowerPoint