We all know there is no "I" in TEAM...
     But there is a "ME."

Before a person can successfully function on a team, they need to take stock in themselves. Unfortunately, people don't think they have the time or some even believe they are above this type of personal exercise.

Over 80% percent of Fortune 500 companies offer executive coaching, because the research shows high degrees of return when leaders, managers and supervisors follow an individualized development plan.

Contact us on the details on how we can get you stay in-SHAPE for today's demanding world.


  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • New Supervisor Coaching
  • New Team Leader Coaching
  • Personal Life Coaching


We use a hybrid system of tools to build a relationship that moves us along a pathway toward your outcomes. Our" Pathways" are typically six sessions, one-on-one for people who would benefit from custom-tailored life coaching. We use a visual-planning process that supports imagination and analysis to review your past, take stock of your present, and imagine and plan for your future. Our coaching process can help:

  • Assess your needs, skills and situation
  • Clarify your hopes and dreams
  • Set goals to achieve what you desire
  • Assess your work history
  • Understand your own personal traits
  • Determine the kinds of work situations that are a fit for you
  • Research opportunities
  • Make decisions about your career in the context of your larger life
  • Set and achieve career goals
  • Create an action plan to make your dreams come true