Advanced Skills Training

for Experienced Practitioners (Level II)

This 40 hour training uses a blended instructional model to maximize content delivery. Participants experience a broader depth of knowledge of subject matter. For example, during Basic Skills/Level I Training only 1 or 2 methods of belay are introduced. During Level II Training, we expand the techniques to 3 to 5 and we move deeper into the physics and research involving belay systems across various scenarios.

Additionally, knowing how to do things isn't enough. At the Advanced Level, we provide plenty hands-on practice for participants to learn and practice critical skills at height in a safe environment. We maximize the performance-based portion of this training by utilizing many high elements at once. Don't plan on standing around waiting to climb. This is a highly interactive training that demands a high level of commitment.

Finally, all participants are instructed on the common duties associated with Lead Facilitator roles and responsibilities. Upon successful completion of the course, materials are condensed and available online for periodic review to supplement your ongoing development and to remain refreshed on these critical skills.


  • 18 years of age or older
  • practitioner portfolio documenting basic skills training and any additional challenge course training
  • practitioner portfolio documenting at least 200 program hours facilitating on challenge courses


  • Extensive experience as a practitioner on a challenge course, aerial adventure course, canopy tour, climbing/rock wall, team building program or other comparable endeavor.
  • Site visits or work at other courses to gain knowledge of other operational procedures and systems.

Course Content

  • Practicing primary and advanced rescue skills to increase your ability and capacity to perform.
  • Learn rope work techniques for non-routine situations on high elements.
  • Investigate a full set of facilitation methods and best practices including new insights into visual facilitation.
  • Examine individual behaviors and team dynamics that impact successful teambuilding programs.
  • Analyze roles and responsibilities for "lead facilitator" or "program lead" positions.
  • Explore tips and techniques for teaching and modeling newer staff on challenge course procedures.


$575 (40 hours)

Certification Costs 

$250 additional (1 day testing; 3 year certification) 

Meals & Lodging

additional charges depending on training location (call for details)


Level II, Mon-Fri, Mar 7-11, 2016 | Level II Certification, Sunday, Mar 13 | George Mason University, Manassas, VA |  Contact us now to register; space is limited.