Leadership Training

If people are satisfied with “good enough,” they’ll never get to the next level.

Developing excellent leadership skills for your executive team, supervisors and managers is advantageous for the entire organization because the benefits filter down to all employees.

Training your leaders increases productivity, nurtures future leaders, increases employee engagement and helps attract, motivate and retain good employees. Let us help you build a great training program for your people.

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We provide…

  • Professionally trained facilitators who guide leaders

  • An emotionally safe environment to learn concepts

  • A proven framework for practicing leadership skills

  • Experientially accelerated learning modules

  • Options for follow-up coaching and refresher training

  • Custom-tailored consultation to match your needs

Our Tools & Strategies

  • SHAPE-PRO™ Leadership Identity Tool

  • 4-Step Advantage PLUS ™

  • LEAD-C Professional Development Tool™

  • DISC Workplace Behaviors Profile™

  • Leadership Challenge™ Brief

  • CA Applied Emotional Intelligence Model™