Five Essential Functions of a Team

If your team members exhibit artificial harmony, have low standards, operate in ambiguity or allow egos and status to creep into may be time for training on the Five Dysfunctions of a Team. The five essentials require time and focus to intentionally, in many cases, rebuild the team from the ground up. We can help facilitate this process for you.


Solid leaders know that when their team is progressing and doing good work, they still need to affirm their commitment and dedication. Sustaining your people through a one-day experiential team retreat is a great alternative means of appreciation and professional development.

We will assess what areas you'd like us to focus on, then we'll plan a day of non-traditional training where your people interact and strengthen the qualities that have permitted success up to this point. Additionally we'll reinforce and introduce valuable tools that will energize your team.

  • Staying aware of critical conversations
  • Striving for understanding in simple communications
  • Strategically thinking to identify and reduce silos and turf wars
  • Structuring meaningful dialogue to encourage a "we're great" attitude