Our Core Services: How we can help you

We help people become better team members, better leaders and better contributors to their communities and organizations.

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Here’s what our training programs look like.


Some of our current projects:

In addition to our client base, we actively manage multiple large-scale projects from enterprise organizational training to faculty and student programs that promote team and life skills.

> GEAR UP: Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs is a nationwide education project designed to increase the number of low-income students who are prepared to enter and succeed in post-secondary education. We assist them directly by teaching the essential life-skills necessary to succeed in college, whether that is community college or four-year universities.

> COMMON GROUND LEARNING: a K-12 and post-secondary service that provides professional development and experiential programs for faculty, staff and students; this project aims to intentionally engage learners and increase instructional effectiveness, program completion and retention. We also assist out-of-school-time programs and summer camp training.

> THREE THINGS M3X: support services for a dynamic faith-based project grounded in Pope Francis’ 2017 proclamation on the New Evangelization where he says “this new stage is certainly the work of the whole Church, ‘people on the way to God’”. The project aims to engage all people as they search for meaning, a pathway and a community to belong.

> BRAVO MINUS ONE: a focused effort to help raise awareness and skills in combating post-traumatic stress and secondary post-traumatic stress effects to gain homeostasis and move toward peak performance in critical life-threatening situations.

> THE EVERGREEN STATE COLLEGE: Challenge Applications and TESC have partnered to provide teambuilding and group development services through the campus challenge course program. We facilitate a ground-level Team Challenge Program on campus, both indoors and outside throughout the entire year.