Our Philosophy on Corporate Teambuilding

We believe that people matter most! They deserve time and attention, especially if you are striving to build a better team or organization. 

We are NOT experts in addressing:

  • financial analysis
  • investor strategies
  • positioning your price points for increased gains

We ARE experts in helping you:

  • increase your Team IQ
  • develop team skills you don't have time or expertise to train
  • learn essential people skills that everyone "should" have

The bottom line: you want your teams to get a quality shared team experience that will help move your organization in a positive direction...you're not certain if this is worth it...you've heard lots of buzz around the topic...some people think this is great for teams...other hate it because they think its touchy-feely and more important work needs to be done...

You need help in assessing if this a viable option for your people, your budget and your credibility.

If you don't ask me questions about how we can help, you won't have all the information to make a reasonable decision. Ask for what you need! You've got nothing to lose except the time it takes to type an email, craft a text message or make a phone call. Come on, you're invited!

  • People are the greatest asset in every team, organization or community.
  • Learning how to leverage the power of teams is a continuous process.
  • Gaining insight into building healthy, high-functioning teams may be your one true competitive advantage.

Content Resources

In addition to our organizational experience and education, we use the following resources to teach and reinforce team concepts

  • DISC Behavioral Styles Assessments
  • DISC Workplace Motivators / Priority Values Profile
  • Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Emotional Intelligence 2.0
  • Crucial Conversations & Crucial Confrontations

Sample Programs

Three Hour Team Energizer: a high energy, fast-paced sequence of both large and small group interactions and activity-challenges with minimal to moderate processing; content focuses on building relationships, having fun communicating in groups and collaborating to succeed.

Team Challenge: full day program that teaches the 4-Core Concepts of Teams using the team challenge course to exercise team-synergy and thought-leadership; can occur indoor or outside.

Advanced Team Challenge: full day program of difficult low element challenges designed for experienced teams; the program strategy is based of full implementation of the experiential learning cycle to hone in on peak performance with follow-up calls to action.

Better, Smarter, Faster: four full-day sessions, two on-site and two off-site; group begins with learning team concepts in classroom and ultimately practices skills through a team challenge course; content includes DISC Behaviors, Team Profiles, Overcoming Five Dysfunctions Model.

How We Deliver Our Training

Classroom: includes presentation, mini-lessons, visual facilitation.

Out-of-Seat Activities: people are up and moving, interacting, and engaged.

Portable Challenge Team Activities: groups attempt to negotiate portable obstacles which may physically and/or mentally challenge the group and require initiative to complete.

Team Challenge Course: individuals must work together to master solutions to a variety of low challenge elements, typically conducted outdoors.

High Ropes: teams practice supporting climbers through a deliberate 
goal-setting sequence in order to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks.