Course Manager (CM) Training

Building better program leaders, supervisors and managers

As the CM position continues to evolve in complexity and responsibility, managers must remain informed and updated on requirements and best practices. Clients, participants and organizational owners expect high levels of professional performance from course managers. 

This training is designed to address the traditional topics associated with adventure program management as well as the new issues confronting the industry. Over 30 hours of course material is delivered using our blended instructional model to maximize content delivery and to prepare or refresh you for real world challenge course management in the 21st Century.


  • 21 years or older 
  • practitioner portfolio documenting all previous challenge course training
  • practitioner portfolio documenting at least 200 program hours facilitating on challenge courses


  • 500 hours of program experience; leading your own group (note this is not an ACCT certification requirement, but our requirement for entering the training)
  • Site visits or work at other courses to gain knowledge of other operational procedures and systems
  • Training or course work in management, staff supervision or leadership

Training Content 

  • Use models of practical leadership, supervision and management that accelerate your impact as CM
  • Investigate the best practices of recruiting, training, maintaining and retaining staff 
  • How to use technology to enhance common management and training tasks
  • Study the importance of detail in administrative paperwork, marketing materials and risk management
  • Utilize the benefits of carefully written operational procedures and emergency plans
  • Examine critical components of accident and incident analysis
  • Training covers topics from the ACCT Standards (8th Edition)


$425 Early Bird Registration (registration & payment must be received by November 15, 2015)

$495 (30 hours) (covers the cost of training only, not certification, as certification is an additional cost and includes access to additional online study tools)


$275 additional (online written knowlege test & practical skills test; 5 year certification) 


In order to gain certification at Course Manager level, practitioners must:

  • be at least 21 years of age
  • complete 110 hours of training (40 hours at Level 1, additional 40 at Level 2 and 30 at CM)
  • have a minimum 500 hours as a course practitioner (may include program coordination, administration and supervision)
  • document all challenge course experience in a portfolio 
  • pass a comprehensive written and performance-based skills test at 80%



MEAL PLAN (mandatory)

  • $135 for 7 meals
  • Day 1 (lunch and dinner); Day 2 (breakfast, lunch and dinner); Day 3 (breakfast and lunch) coffee, tea and water served 24 hours


Course Manager Training, Tues-Thu, Dec 9-11, 2015 | CM Certification Test online.
Pecometh Camp and Retreat, Centreville, MD |  Contact us now to register; space is limited.

Register online (click link below), email or phone.